Should we migrate from MSA or WSA?

If you are using either product for publishing internal applications, the WAP feature on the E Series could be a good fit. It offers new functionality that MSA does not have, namely the inclusion of federation services and enabling cloud application authentication.

Will I need to have split DNS (same DNS namespace internally and externally?)

The short answer is yes. The federation server fully qualified domain name (FQDN) is the same for internal and external users. Internal users need to resolve the name to the internal AD FS server, whereas the external users need to be redirected to the external facing WAP servers. While there are methods to provide name […]

What are the requirements to deploy Web Application Proxy?

Infrastructure requires: Active Directory AD FS on separate hardware. The Celestix E Series solution can be configured for either role. DNS Also, three types of certificates are required: Server Communication Certificate – an SSL certificate issued from a trusted third- party public CA is recommended, but an internal CA can be used. Token Signing Certificate […]

What is Web Application Proxy (WAP)?

WAP is a reverse proxy solution that publishes internal web applications for external access. The concept behind it is to streamline how users authenticate to web applications, and to provide a simple, integrated solution for both federation and remote access. In addition, WAP is designed to support consumer devices, BYOD initiatives, and Office application access.