Product Reclamation and Recycling

Celestix Networks is committed to environmentally responsible behavior. As part of this commitment, we work to comply with environmental standards such as the European Union’s Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive and the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive. These directives and other similar regulations from countries outside the European Union regulate electronic waste […]

Web User Interface Access

To configure your appliance using the web UI. From a client computer on your network, default access to the appliance web UI is through Internet Explorer at https://ServerName|IP address:8098. For example, if your server IP address is, the web UI URL would be Note: You may see a certificate warning when you access […]

Jog Dial Operation

The Jog Dial on the appliance front panel is used to navigate the LED display. Turn to scroll through screen options. The square brackets cursor [ ] allows you to scroll through items on the screen when the front panel display is in configuration mode. The following example shows the Add option selected by the […]

Front Panel Display

The front panel display operates in two modes: Idle mode – the default mode; status screens cycle through display. Configuration mode – press the Jog Dial to enter configuration mode; use the [ ] cursor to scroll to options, the > < cursor to edit selections, and press the jog dial to accept selections.

Network Interface LED indicators

Each of the network adapters contains a pair of lights to help identify connection speed and usage. See below for details (listed by model number: 1500/3200/4200/5200 Series Right light – displays connection speed (unlit 10Mbps, green 100 Mbps, orange 1000 Mbps). Left light – displays activity (blinking indicates traffic, unlit indicates no traffic). 6200 Series […]

Resolution for Adaptec RAID card that unable to recognize hard drives in 6200 system

PROBLEM When the 6200 system is running, you experience the following symptoms. · RAID Array has missing drive · RAID Array frequently rebuilds Verification of the issue: Open command prompt cd “c:\program files\Adaptec\Adaptec Storage Manager” Run, `arcconf getlogs 1 device` You will get something like this:Controllers found: 1 <ControllerLog controllerID=’0′ type=’0′ time=’1359342748′ version=’2′ tableFull=’false’> </ControllerLog> […]

Update for Front Panel Display (CKB200010)

APPLIES TO MSA 3200, MSA 4200, MSA 6200, MSA 8200, WSA 3200, WSA 4200, WSA 6200 & WSA 8200 security appliances. BUGFIXES/ADDITIONS (1013) LCD displays incorrect version of TMG After applying TMG SP1, the TMG version was displaying improperly on the MSA appliance FPD. (1064) LCD Service has no description. The LCD Service now has […]

How to configure IP address without DHCP via Front Panel Controls?

APPLIES TO MSA 3200, MSA 4200, MSA 5200, MSA 6200, MSA 8200, WSA 3200, WSA 4200, WSA 6200 & WSA 8200 security appliances. You will need the IP address for your internal network adapter to access your appliance administration website, the web UI. This IP address is assigned through DHCP by default. If you cannot […]

How to restore to factory default?

Apply to all appliances with LCD front panel contral. The Back to Factory settings feature enables you to return your appliance to its original, out-of-box state. Restoring an appliance to factory settings will erase any changes made to the box, including configuration settings and stored files. To restore your appliance to its original factory state: […]

How to troubleshooting Last Good Version (LGV) issues?

LGV creation may fail if: The file system is corrupted. File corruption may be indicated if the appliance shuts down abruptly, or has trouble shutting down. A corrupt file will not restore properly. If you are prompted to address a shutdown error, this indicates a corrupt file issue. There is not enough disk space:  LGV […]