BMC 2500 SSL Expired Certificate Alerts and NTP Error Fix

SSL Expired Certificate Alerts – Celestix BMC2500 Devices BMC2500 appliances come with a pre-built SSL Certificate which is used to make an https connection to the Celestix Web UI on port 1000. If the  customer receives a message that the Certificate has expired, have them do the following: -Under the “Configuration tab” of the Web […]

How to run a fsck on BMC appliance

Ask user to connect a keyboard and monitor to the server. Boot the server Continue to press “ESC” key until the GRUB menu appear. Press “P”. Enter password “ct2%gcru3!” Use the arrow key to select “RESCUE” – note, don’t press “Enter” key Press “E”, and choose the 2nd option with the “Kernel …” Press “E” […]