Is high availability (HA) necessary?

No it isn’t, but every environment is different, and some organizations may have policies or other requirements that would necessitate an HA deployment. The E Series solution supports load balancing (integrated and external) for local high availability and redundancy. In addition, a multisite configuration option is available to provide geographic redundancy

How do I determine hardware needs?

It’s recommended to run DA on its own hardware, with supporting technologies running on separate servers. Each deployment will have its own needs for hardware components.

What are the requirements to deploy DirectAccess?

The minimum DA infrastructure requires: Server running Windows Server 2012 R2 for current full functionality Active Directory DNS Clients and servers must be domain joined Public key infrastructure (PKI) is required to support Windows 7 clients, in addition to advanced features like OTP authentication, NAP integration, and multi-site deployments. Required certificate: SSL certificate – an […]

What’s the difference between DirectAccess and VPN?

DA and traditional VPN’s both allow remote access to the internal network, but DA also allows remote management to maintain client compliance with security policies. Also, client-based VPN requires the user to initiate a connection to the corporate network where DirectAccess does not.